COLISEUM/DOOMRIDERS: Not of This World: Split CD

Jul 25, 2006

Here are two of the heaviest current bands in the U.S. right now, each doing a cover of a song from Danzig I and an original or two. I’m a big sucker for anyone who shows love for Danzig, as he is often misunderstood, especially among punkers. Coliseum do a slower and more Sabbathy version of “Am I Demon,” then follow up with two of their own slabs of heavy, distorted d-beat hardcore. Doomriders follow with a song of Motörhead/Inepsy style rumbling hardcore, and then do a pretty faithful rendition of the far-too-underrated “Possession.” I’m glad to see such a serious appreciation for Glenn coming from both of these bands, as he had a large hand in developing the genre of music that these two bands (and a shitload of other ones that you probably like) play.

 –ben (Level Plane)