COLISEUM: Sister Chance: 7"

Jul 24, 2013

Look, I like Coliseum, but even I got a little tired of their straight-forward rocking by the time No Salvation came out. It’s an album full of good single cuts but feels lazy and pieced together as a whole. When the band switched out drummers and Carter from the Ackleys/Legion (two very, very different bands from Coliseum), the shift in song structures was pretty much immediate and for the better. The recent switch for Kayhan (from Legion/Die Young and, incidentally, a band I used to be in) on bass has only helped that shift continue into something more interesting. I never would have thought Coliseum would have been able to churn out a 7” this down-tempo and with so much god damn swagger five years ago, but not only do they legitimately surprise me on their two cuts on the A side, they successfully crawl through Pere Ubu’s “Final Solution” on the B side in a fashion that both does the original justice and sounds new and fresh. Old dog, new tricks.

 –Ian Wise (No Idea)