COLISEUM: Anxiety’s Kiss: CD/LP

Jul 22, 2015

After starting out as a hardcore band whose releases include an album on the metal label Relapse, the past few albums have found the Louisville trio Coliseum rotating between post-punk and catchy, driving tunes. Songs like “Drums & Amplifiers” are great punk anthems while the following track, “Dark Light of Seduction,” the longest song on the album (clocking in at over six minutes), is a hypnotic number that gives the listener a breather without losing any muscle. The mix of the fast and heavy combined with the Killing Joke-influenced sound is sequenced so well, giving the listener a great emotional ride. J. Robbins produced this latest offering, just as he did with Coliseum’s last album, the excellent Sister Faith. As per usual with a Robbins-helmed album, it sounds great; clean without losing its edge, and every instrument is represented just right. What makes Coliseum most remarkable is that they really don’t give a fuck. They play the music they want—punk or post-punk or whatever you want to call it—and have no interest in creating that perfect single that might get them noticed. And what they do create are catchy, powerful, and emotionally resonating tunes. I only wish more acts could create as well-rounded an album as Anxiety’s Kiss. 

 –kurt (Deathwish)

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