This CD looks like a record. It’s black and even has the grooves on top. I honestly thought it was a record, but it wouldn’t spin on my roommate’s record player. So that’s interesting. I was confused because it is packaged in a 7” jacket. From what I can tell, these guys are from England. But then again, I thought the Transistors were also, and they told me they were from New Zealand. So what do I know? Nothing, apparently. All the songs are about them going into space, so either this is a concept album or they are space nerds. I’m not really sure. These guys really threw me for a loop. Good work, lads! The artwork consists of a scene on another planet, and on the inside, there is a comic strip all about them going into space. So if you like English dudes and space, get this.

 –Nighthawk (Puzzled Aardvark,