COLD ONES, THE: Self-titled: 7”EP

Sep 28, 2008

A Gainesville dude band. (Even if I’m wrong, geographically, the sonic geography checks out.) And I mean that in a good way. You get the feeling that they love Tom Petty and would fight for decent Merle Haggard tickets, but feel more comfortable playing straight-ahead (on first listen) good-weird punk (Fay Wray, The Nervous Dogs, and Watson come to mind). It’s got the feeling of open air flea market, Florida-sized cockroaches, flatland underdogs in flip flops playing in a bar where most of the clientele have knives clipped on them somewhere (for either work or “protection.”). The Cold Ones don’t blow me away, leaving me in the middle of the street without my clothes, but I really enjoy their three songs, and I have a feeling I’ll be spinning this 7” often. It’s like sitting down at a bar and being happy that the locals are already there.

 –todd (Sooooo Intense