COLD ONES: Stay Thirsty!: 7”

Nov 11, 2009

Six songs by these British dudes who, for all intents and purposes, are probably flat-out crazy live. The songs are tough to pigeonhole—if the vocals were more brutal, we could call it hardcore—it’s fast and punchy enough. But if the vocalist hit a few more notes here and there, we could run with the “fast as shit street punk” tag and be okay too. As it is, it just comes off as energetic, foaming-at-the-mouth punk on a serious bender. Like Go Sell Drugs if they were way tighter, or the Supersuckers if they tried to cover Glass And Ashes in a minute and a half. Put it this way: if these dudes were from Portland, they’d be playing shows with Autistic Youth or Science Of Yabra and would fit right in either way, while quite possibly blowing both bands out of the water. Clear vinyl, a download card, and the surefire knowledge that everything gelled with this release. One of those rare records that totally gets me stoked on the 7” format again.

 –keith (Zandor)