COLD ONES: Self-titled: 7”

May 26, 2008

Cold Ones come from Liverpool with some hardcore punk, emphasizing the punk elements. Sometimes it gets a bit rockin’; sometimes it gets a bit cheesy. For the most part, they sing about drinking and being downtrodden. In case you didn’t catch it, their name is a reference to beer. The closing tracks on both sides hit harder than the rest of them. Pretty good stuff. (The last track on the first side is my favorite on here.) The cheese is to be found smothering the opening track on the second side. It opens like some hair metal crap from the Sunset Strip twenty years ago, and it has lyrics to match (the title is “Cold Blooded Hot Lover,“ from which the lyrics don’t stray too far). The opening track on the first side kinda threw me off, too. It has a skate-influenced street punk feel to it with lyrics à la Misfits (it’s called “Evil Eye”). Kinda sounds like it could be on one of those Tony Hawk games.

 –Vincent (Ghost City)

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