COLD CAVE: Cherish the Light Years: CD

May 13, 2011

For anyone who’s followed Wes Eisold’s evolution from early-through-later American Nightmare, to Some Girls, to Cold Cave’s first-through-current output, it’s hardly surprising to see him nodding so emphatically to the who’s who of ‘80s darkwave/synthpop (in fact, it’s no secret that Wes and the Makeoutclub crew had plenty to do with scores of early ‘00s hardcore nerds alternating their Panic longsleeves with Smiths and Sisters Of Mercy swag). While Cold Cave’s first proper full length, Loves Comes Close, was enjoyable in spite of its unabashed throwbackedness and occasionally cringe-worthy lyrics and delivery, Cherish the Light Years manages to shake off some of those shortcomings by avoiding unnecessary clichés and ramping up tempos considerably. Wes’s vocals remain both affected and somewhat limited, but considering the genre, it works quite well. Not mindblowing or anything, but certainly a progression and a job well done.

 –Dave William (Matador)