COLA FREAKS: Farvel: 7” single

Nov 15, 2011

So, these guys came over sometime in the past year or so, and played Beerland in Austin. No where else. Just Beerland. I thought that was pretty strange. Why come over the USA, and only play one show? Well, turns out they were playing a show sponsored by that car company, the one that makes shitty plastic box shaped cars, akin to a glorified Matchbox car. That car company that somehow gets all these bands, metal and punk, to play “free” shows. Corporate sponsorship is corporate sponsorship. No matter if it’s beer, shoes, or cars. It tarnishes a band, especially in a scene like punk. It’s like if your lover fucked around, and you found out. Would you be cool with it? Say you were—you know there’s going to be that nagging doubt forever in the back of your mind. Well... Before this turns into a column, I’ll stop with the editorializing, and talk about this single. Like everything they’ve done before, it’s pretty damn good. I was skeptical of the Avengers’ cover (“Car Crash”), but they pull it off and give it little more of a boost; just check out the bass and how it has a strong driving presence in the mix. “Farvel” is an original, and more along the lines to the direction they headed on their album. The keyboard figures in, giving this an early L.A. feel. It’s bouncy, it’s quick, it’s catchy, and pretty damn good. Yes, pick this up. I still like these guys. But, things are a little different now. Something has come between us.

 –M.Avrg (Local Cross,