Nov 13, 2013

The truth about this record is that you need it because it’s one of the last Vaccine records that will be released (if I’m not mistaken, they are releasing one last 7” and then calling it quits). Vaccine produced some of the tensest and straightforward powerviolence of the last several years and these five tracks are a great addition to their catalog. The recording is heavy and blown out with the heaviest slow parts that run straight into fucking insane speed. But it’s not all blinding blast beats. Check out the killer rhythm on “Futureless,” and the way the drums stress off-beats over power chords. The Coke Bust side is good powerviolence-y hardcore with well-written lyrics. The band certainly doesn’t cover any new ground, but I’ve never really thought of Coke Bust as a band that pushed too many envelopes. They shred and play palatable heavy hardcore, which is probably the reason behind their status in the DIY hardcore scene. The breakdowns are good, the fast parts are tight, and the recording is great for their style. It’s worth noting that the version of this that was sent to me through Razorcake is a European pressing that seems to be readily available in the U.S., but there is also a domestic pressing with different artwork that may be harder to track down here.

 –Ian Wise (Refuse,