COKE BUST: Lines in the Sand: CD

Mar 03, 2011

Playing hardcore punk is kinda like playing the blues, in that it’s deceptively simple. Sure, anyone with a rudimentary grasp of how to play an instrument and the mechanics of the genre can string together enough chords and conventions to crank out a tune, but it’s a helluva lot tougher than it looks to do it well, and it’s a friggin’ hat trick of another sort to put together enough consistently solid tunes to make a good 7” EP, let alone a full-length. Coke Bust turns in seventeen tracks of ADD-length bursts here, the bulk of which vacillates between warp factor nine thrash and full-bore grind, with little of the metal trappings that often accompany similar bands’ music. While it does begin to become a bit of a blur after a while, especially with the inclusion here of a number of additional tracks from assorted comps and EPs, they manage to pull off said hat trick, and the infusion of what sounds like righteous anger and their willingness to push a little at the conventions of a number of genre’s sub-pigeonholes keeps them ahead of the pack. If you’re a fan of the granddaddies in this field—DRI, Deep Wound, Siege, et. al.—you’re gonna find loads to get excited over.

 –jimmy (