COKE BUST: Lines in the Sand: CD

Dec 28, 2010

The vinyl version of this record was released a while ago, but Six Weeks just released the CD with fifteen bonus tracks (all previously released, though on more obscure releases). Coke Bust aren’t opening any new doors in fast hardcore, but these songs are definitely full-on thrash core and full of the vim and vigor you should expect out of the genre. Old Vitamin X comes to mind, and I Object before they got boring. Sure, it all sounds like Minor Threat, but that’s not a bad thing, is it? The older tracks are definitely worth having and are a worthwhile addition to the disc. The packaging is great, as the CD booklet is thick with lyrics, photos, and show flyers. If you’re going to buy a CD version of something previously released on vinyl, you’d want it to look like this.

 –Ian Wise (Six Weeks)