COKE BUST: Confined: LP

May 28, 2014

Paint-by-numbers hardcore riffs and black-and-white collage politics can become pretty tiresome. The same sort of sounds and images have been recycled for over thirty years. Coke Bust, although treading familiar water, clearly obliterated the memo. They possess the doggedness of Econochrist and the vicious assault of hardcore trailblazers, like Deep Wound and Void, on the LP’s nine blitzing tunes (clocking-in under nine minutes). The songs maintain constant anger and pessimism throughout and never detour into cheeseball call-and-response territory. And it never feels like tough guy bullshit, even though Nicktape’s vocals make my throat itch. The longest song, “Red Line,” suggests more developed rage the next time around. Ultimately, it’s all supercharged stuff—albeit overly reverential—but, sometimes, familiar noises will suffice. 

 –Sean Arenas (Grave Mistake,