Cognitive Dissonance has been shredding faces for several years now, both on the road and on recording. They’ve managed to capture the blistering intensity of their live set on this, their most recent LP. Cognitive Dissonance plays raw, heavy crust with a strong tinge of black metal. Into Madness features seven new songs and a rerecording of an early song, “Omens of Doom,” from the tape of the same name. There’s just the right mix of grit and polish on this recording, capturing the band’s live experience without losing one note of their great riffs and nonstop shredding. “Repercussions” and “Remain” were two tracks whose riffs I particularly enjoyed. Lyrically, the band is on point, with sharp lyrics conveying green, anarchist, and DIY punk ethics in straightforward and relatable language. I particularly enjoyed the lyrics to “Manufactured Genocide” for its challenge to eating meat. Not only is this record excellent musically, but it also features great liner notes in the form of a black and white printed zine. Lyrics to each song are provided, along with commentary, as well as some badass looking photos and art by an array of talented artists. This keeps finding its way back onto my turntable for repeated listens, and you should do yourself a favor and get it on your turntable as soon as possible. I can’t recommend it enough.

 –Paul J. Comeau (Ecophagy, [email protected], [email protected])