Jan 28, 2009

This was originally released as a split 10” on Spent Records. Now, due to a good response to the 10” it’s available on CD. Each band has three songs on this CD. The Code starts off with some fast paced punk songs. The last track has some ska parts. The lyrics to these songs concentrate on how the world needs to be changed for the better. Whatever It Takes contains Chris #2 from Anti-Flag. Their songs are fast punk songs for the most part, except for the last track, which is a mellow, almost emo song. The lyrics seem to be about life and surviving to live the next day. The Code is currently writing material for their second full length, which will be on A-F Records. Whatever It Takes is currently on hiatus while Anti-Flag goes on tour. I can’t say I was into either of these bands, but what they do, they do well. If this is your cup of tea you won’t be disappointed. –Mike Beer

 –guest (A-F)