CODE OF HONOR: Complete Studio Recordings 1982-84: CD

Jul 07, 2006

Formed from the ashes of Frisco hardcore legends Sick Pleasure, the remaining members of that band recruited Society Dog’s Jonathin Christ after Nicky Sicky bailed and shifted the lyrical subject matter from crude humor and nihilism to radical-left agitprop. The result was some great, unique hardcore on their first record, a split with Sick Pleasure. The band’s music on that record alternated between anthemic punk and spazzed-out, wild-metered thrash, all with Christ calling for unity, dissolution of the government and the killing of politicians. The band’s second album, Beware the Savage Jaw, featured the band taking more musical risks and experimenting with their sound, although the proceedings remained just as angry and aggressive. Both albums, as well as their “What are Gonna Do?/What Price Would You Pay” single and an unreleased track, can be found here, and much of it stands up considering the passage of at least twenty-two years since the last note here was put to tape. “Fight or Die” remains an amazing piece of work, showcasing just how tight and creative the band could be even within the confines of hardcore’s ultra-fast template. Highly recommended.

 –jimmy (Subterranean)