CODE OF HONOR: Complete Studio Recordings 1982-1984: CD

Sep 05, 2006

I remember buying the What Are We Gonna Do? 7” and thinking how cool it is that they have a guy doing a handplant on the cover. Skate punk! On their split 12” with Sick Pleasure, they had a picture of three skate boards and a guitar. I was in, even though I never bought the split because friends had it. But they played music that spoke to me. Lyrics that were very intelligent and at the time music that was very angry. Listening to it now after twenty-some years, the songs still feel like they have stood the test of time. They didn’t break any speed records but they did have a snottiness to their sound like a lot of the bands of that era. Very California sounding. The unreleased track “What’s it Gonna Be?” that was recorded at the same time and not included on the 7” is a great song that has been unearthed. Listening to their final album, Beware the Savage Jaw, I still feel the same as I did when I first heard it. It shows them growing and experimenting with the music. But a lot of the punk sound seemed to have disappeared while they tried other things. All in all, this like a lot of other discographies, are essential if you are into the history of punk. Also, it’s great to get to hear the music again without paying collector prices.

 –don (Subterranean)