COCONUT COOLOUTS: Pizza Regret: 7”

Mar 17, 2008

A friend decided to steal a Pizza Hut delivery sign off a car in a small town. No big deal I thought, except I was driving the getaway car. And in a small town they really like their Pizza fucking Hut. We got stopped in about thirty seconds and the cop pulled his gun out at us. I wondered why the night was still funny as we walked backwards towards the cop with our hands clasped behind our necks. Found a soundtrack to this night on this 7”. Caught the Coolouts live and they were amazing, energetic, poppy, a nice mix of fun (a banana plays bass, two standing drummers, three or four guitarists, a couple of Charming Snakes) and actual good music you can jump up and down with a girl to. Their 7” is a little more contained but will still blow up the party with the lighter “Pizza Regret,” raging rocker “Weekend,” and the ridiculously memorable anthems “Spell It out Dummy” (p-i-z-z-a t-a-x-i) and “Head Full of Stones.”

 –mike (Seeing Eye)