Mar 17, 2008

Tour 7” that came out at the end of last year while these bands rocked the Midwest and East Coast. Cococoma start off with a ripping sonic explosion of punk mayhem, “Never Be True.” This song is such a perfect piece of garage rock insanity that I’m not sure I’m gonna get to the Hipshakes side! The shouted gang vocals of the chorus, “Never be true!/Never be true!/Never be true/What about you?” are impossible not to join. Cococoma’s second track, “Brain Numb” is an atmospheric, organ-driven cover of a Hipshakes tune that they’ve mutated to sound like ? and the Mysterians. Fucking christ, I wasn’t expecting the Cococoma side to be this good. The Hipshakes side kicks off with a bouncy punker called “Hurt My Pride” that is snotty and rude sounding. Ace. Their cover of Cococoma’s “All I Give” is pretty uninspired.

 –benke (Tic Tac Totally)