Sep 05, 2006

Collected here are recordings, fifteen in all, the band made during their short stint at Decca Records circa ‘77/‘78, whereupon they were summarily dropped when their initial singles failed to make a big splash. Listening to this, it becomes painfully obvious what a bunch of ninnies the Decca people were for having neither faith nor patience in the band’s ability to really shine. There are some real winners on here, including many that are now considered anthems (“Runnin’ Riot”), classics (“Sunday Stripper”) and staples of the band’s set nearly three decades later (“Teenage Heart”), and many others that are just as good, which would explain why so much of this has found its way onto assorted comps over the years. Although less “punk” and more “pub” than later work, much of what is on here is strong enough to make anyone not stone deaf pay attention and illustrates that much of what makes the band so special was in evidence even early on.

 –jimmy (Captain Oi)