I saw these guys play at Reggie’s in Chicago a few years ago. Every one of their songs had the word “cobra” in it, which, depending on how you see things, becomes more amazing or terrible as the night continues. None of that here, though. Devin Peralta seems to have so much fun singing with his ever-so-slight folky inflection that it’s hard not to get drawn in to these songs that are a bit too ripping to be given that pop stamp, but so aggressively melody-heavy that it distinguishes itself from a solid, steady-as-she-goes punk group like Blitz, whose song “New Age” they accelerate in a cover that closes out the B-side. Okay. So if you haven’t heard them before, let “New Age” be your safe song and then try “Honorary Discharge under the Influence”—more good, rollicking shit. I was ready to wearily sit through a bunch of weird snake songs, but this is a great intro to the band, and for fans, it’s some novelty live fun that’s worth grabbing. 

 –Jim Joyce (Gunner / Red Scare)