COATHANGERS, THE: Larceny & Old Lace: CD

Sep 23, 2011

The Coathangers unleash some Georgia art punk that sounds like the more straightforward sister band of the departed Mika Miko. You got the multiple singers, the gangly riffs played with pawn shop instrument tones, and the bonus of a keyboard. The difference is that where Mika Miko had a more frantic post-punk vibe, the Coathangers have a bit more (sometimes demented, i.e. “Johnny”) garage rock in their blood. This falls on the “solid” side of things. There’s a feeling that this band is a lot more fun to see live, because as much as I want to say I really like the songs, a lot of them don’t rise above the fray often enough in memorability. The best track, “Tobacco Rd.,” actually happens at the end when the band breaks from their normal sound and goes for an acoustic, American gothic, folk number. I would put this track on summer mixes.

 –Adrian Salas (Suicide Squeeze)