CØNDITIØN: Actual Hell: LP

Mar 29, 2016

First of all, kudos to Iron Lung and Cønditiøn for the killer packaging which thoroughly satisfies the collector in me. The high quality tip-on record jacket is guaranteed to outlive most of us. Also, the lyrics are printed on a large fold-out poster. As for the tunes, the songs will scrape your eardrums raw. This California unit peddles relentless noise like Bastard and Conga Fury. The riffs are drenched in feedback and heavier than a freight train, and the howling vocals are sinister. Somehow the rhythm section manages to make sense of the chaos. There’s nothing half-baked about this record. Cønditiøn rages with conviction. Actual Hell is reinvigorating hardcore for the jaded listener. 

 –Sean Arenas (Iron Lung, lifeironlungdeath.blogspot.com)