Holy sweet Christ. I’m already embarrassed as I write it, but here goes:there’s grind and then there’s Cloud Rat. Goddamn. I can see why this record has been repressed a bajillion times. Flawless, fierce as nails, punishing, precise, just jaw-droppingly good. This a genre that almost always bores the living shit out of me, but there’s something here that’s tempering the blast beats and cranium piercing and placing Moshka head and shoulders above its peers. I don’t know if it’s the way the band occasionally lets the instrumentation breathe a bit, or the way the fury is tempered with a few surprising and downright haunting interludes, but everything here—every note and scream and subdued, layered tidbit of background collage, every bit of minutiae—seems entirely intentional and perfectly placed. This is a fucking great record. It just came out of nowhere and laid me to the quick. 

 –keith (IFB)