CLOSET FAIRIES: “Popular Science” b/w “Painted in a Corner”: 7”

Mar 01, 2011

I’m imagining a movie from the ‘80s that’s set in the ‘50s, and this is the band at the prom that storms the stage with a new form of music—rock’n’roll—and everyone rips their shirts off and loses their shit. Teachers, janitors, virgins, the mascot, cheerleaders, and the awkwards all learn to not give a fuck and loosen the shackles of conformity. To DIY punks, my Ouija planchette hovers around Space Cookie, Scared Of Chaka, Dick Army, and The Sneaky Pinks. Catchy, low-ish—not turd-ish—fi, party songs that ain’t afraid to cunningly slip some class war on the B-side into the lyrics.

 –todd (Shock To The System)