CLOSET CASE: It Doesn’t Get Better: 7”

May 30, 2014

I love bands from areas that are a little isolated because even though we have the internet and things in punk (and especially hardcore) are becoming more homogenous and generic, there are small spots where kids don’t try to cop “NYHC,” “Swedish d beat,” or whatever genre they need to impress their friends with at the moment. Unfortunately, the project band from the big city will always get the appeal, but it’s these guys we should really be paying attention to. Closet Case are nothing but a hardcore band, but their range isn’t focused on a single aspect of the genre. I get the impression that modern bands like Skrapyard or Vile Gash heavily influence the band, but they aren’t a direct copy of the Midwestern scene. The vocals are rooted in some approximation of ‘80s Finnish style mixed with the snarl and grit of Springa. The mosh parts sound vintage Boston, but the parts that rage have more in common with Gloom Records, switching off between Cut The Shit and Devoid Of Faith. I wish the record had come with lyrics because after looking this band up, I was surprised to learn that their lyrics are about dealing with sexuality and one’s perception of oneself because of it, which is very uncommon for the styles they put upfront but a welcome change. I would like to see this band develop because I feel like this record is good but is the beginning of something great. Unfortunately, they already broke up. 

 –Ian Wise (Going Underground)