CLOROX GIRLS: This Dimension b/w Animal Eyes: 7”

Nov 21, 2006

This one’s all about the packaging—red, one-sided square vinyl with the b-side hand spray painted with the band’s name (try downloading that on MP3)—because both of these songs have been previously released. (“Animal Eyes” is a cover of lead singer, Justin’s, dad’s old L.A. band, the Defenders, who sung it when they played here.) All that said, the Clorox Girls are fungal. I didn’t find them insta-brilliant nor whoah-kill-me-great right from the start, but there was this nagging tickle that made me put their records back on over and over again. What could have been empty, calorie-free agitated pop has proven to be rattling, spastic punk in the vein of the Cheifs and Weirdos that gains weight and nutritional value the more it gets played. Real and really good. Recap: fuckin’ cool artifact—one that I’m keeping—but not essential if you’re in it just for the tunes.

 –todd (Jonny Cat)