CLOROX GIRLS, THE: self-titled: LP

Mar 15, 2008

In a perfect world, Dangerhouse Records never would have gone out of business some twenty years ago. Or that Robbie Fields, without the threat of violence or a lawsuit, would actually pay the bands that help keep Posh Boy in business. The Clorox Girls – I’m assuming, named after the song from Red Cross’ first self-titled 12” EP – would have fit perfectly in with either label. They actually owe more than a passing blush to that version of Red Cross, too (whose members were to go on to Black Flag, Bad Religion, and Redd Kross). This LP has captured the overall feeling of a really cool attitude that punk still seems so full of possibility and fun, even though things look like shit and so many people claim that all the intellectual property’s already been gentrified for arenas or strip-mined of any value. The songs on this LP are both wide-eyed and tough. Arty flourishes are kept it check by the fact that the songs rock all the way through, even when they slow down. The haiku-like, borderline paranoid lyrics provide a nice amount of traction to the bounce. Much more realized than their 7”, which I liked a lot, too. 

 –todd (Smartguy)

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