CLOAK / DAGGER: Don’t Need a: 7” EP

Mar 04, 2010

My introduction to this band was the terribly great We Are album that came out a few years ago and I haven’t really looked back or heard a bad song since then. Three songs are on this disc, one of which is also featured on their latest album Lost Art. The other two are exclusive to this release only. I would dare to call this hardcore, though I’m sure some would say differently. It’s fast but not thrashy and it’s tough but not agro. The energy and passion is definitely there and that’s more than I can say for what passes as hardcore these days. Let me also take time to thank the fine folks at Grave Mistake for including a download coupon for the songs on this record. Spending as much time in my car as I do, I appreciate the convenience of having the songs burned onto a CD-R when I just can’t wait to get home to listen to the vinyl.

 –Juan Espinosa (Grave Mistake)