Clitfest 2004: The Documentary

Oct 09, 2006

A DIY, low budget deal documenting a two-day punk festival in Minneapolis featuring bands that contain at least one female member in their ranks. While it’s obvious that some very loving care was put into making and editing this, and the between-performance interviews are interesting, the sound quality of the live performances are absolutely hideous, which leaves one to wonder why they didn’t just get a recording of the performances straight off the board instead of relying on what sounds like the built-in mic on the camera. Given the type of show it was, it could very well be that there was no soundboard to speak of, but if there were plans at the outset to document the show, such an investment and/or calling in favors on someone with recording equipment would’ve been a good idea, especially considering how much work was obviously put into the visual presentation. –Jimmy Alvarado