CLITBOYS, THE: We Don’t Play the Game: EP

Jan 19, 2016

Excellent reissue of this classic Midwestern hardcore punk EP originally released on Feedback in 1983. BeerCity has done another great job with the packaging, mimicking the original so well you think you’re getting the original for a deal when you flip to it in the bins. Though this was released nearly thirty-three years ago, this still stands up and isn’t really dated, especially in a scene that really looks back to the past for its sound. The Clitboys cranked out no-frills hardcore punk with soul and conviction, which keeps this sounding fresh. The delivery is a mix of mid-tempos to fast. The vocals are rapid fire and yet clear and concise, dishing out rants of teen angst and frustration, and taking a stand against homphobia (“Gay Is Okay”), which wasn’t something as common back then, especially coming out of the Midwest. All of these songs are relatable in one way or another because the words are to the point and without pretense. “Sheep” and “Slogan Boy” rail against conformity, “So Funny” and “No Such Thing” are pure teenage angst, the title track is a great mantra for taking a stand, and “Have Faith” calls out religion. All of the things any thinking person, no matter their age, deals with. The no-frills playing is where a lot of the character comes in. The guitar has just that right amount of grit in the sound, and the blasts that happen in the chorus during “No Such Thing” are perfect, sounding like they’re coming through an old transistor radio. The tempos are just short of going off into thrash, which keeps everything taught, intense, and memorable. Highly, highly recommended. 

 –M.Avrg (Beer City,

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