CLINT MAUL: Ninguna Amplificacion!: 7”

Jan 23, 2008

I have no idea who this Clint Maul person is, but I likey...a lot. It didn’t take but five notes for me to decide so. Music is country-like with such pleasant vocals and charming harmonica tunes that I found myself flipping this record three times before retiring it. It made it into the pile of records that are in regular rotation at my house. It’s mellow, yet light and uplifting and puts me in a really good mood. My only beef with the record is that it doesn’t have more than three songs and I wish it had more. Also, it doesn’t include the lyrics in the insert, but really I don’t even give a care because the lyrics are already so clear and simple. Oh man, I just looked up his myspace page. He’s from Virginia, apparently. That explains the influence. If you’re into Lucero, Chuck Ragan, or throwing horseshoes on a summer evening after floatin’ the river, you will probably find easy listening in this record.

 –guest (Toxic Pop)