Climb off Ease up and Suck Down: DVD

Nov 13, 2006

Wow, great bands and little skits in a DVD—and it’s rad. Recess Records buddies, so loads of stuff in San Pedro, and bands that sort of run in that circle. Craig Flipy put it all together from tons of videotape of dicking around and bands playing live and hanging out. A wonderful antithesis to Live at House of Rules arena shows—this is live footage in record stores, bite-sized clubs, warehouses, fucking bedrooms and a concrete slab at the beach. With the stage exception of the great Dillinger Four… but yeah, coz it's them… duh. Loads and loads and choads of the best current bands like Toys That Kill, Leeches, Fleshies and Shark Pants and more, mixed with rare stuff like Panty Raid and the late, lamented Blacks (AZ). And the skits… usually it’s only funny if you know them. I stand corrected. Two hours of funnin. Get it before Bigfoot does. –Speedway Randy (Recess Records, PO Box 1666, San Pedro, CA 90733-1666)