CLAW TOE: Ingrown Ego: 7”

Mar 01, 2011

Interesting. Deep, deep bass on the title track with guitar playing that rings out—not chords, just notes that shimmer a la Keith Levene. Definitely influenced by Pere Ubu and Metal Box. Lo-fi as hell with ominous sing-speak vocals. Sounds like doom or a more realized version of Catholic Discipline. The guitar playing on both sides of this 45 is formidable. Definitely would be into hearing more, pending no further releases have a swastika on the cover. (I was always somewhat conflicted with the Electric Eels over this tactic. It didn’t infuriate me so much as it seemed like a dumb misappropriation. Their music was grating and brilliant enough…) As for this 7”, it’s impressive. Glad someone has the nerve to put this type of music out on vinyl.

 –ryan (Criminal IQ,