CLASS ASSASSINS, THE: Self-titled: 7"

Sep 18, 2009

I got two releases from my good old buddy Derek, who puts out Soap and Spikes Zine and Records. This is one of them. The Class Assassins are a Toronto, Canada street punk band that he said he liked so much when he saw them live that he decided to put his fortunes in a bind and release their 7". I say good job, well done. These guys can compete and conquer against many of the generic street punk bands that are currently out there. The melodies are there with strong background vocals. The band produces good boot-stomping songs and the singer doesn't sound like he has smoked five packs of cigarettes to have his voice ready to fit a formula. Hope this release brings them attention so they can further reach an audience that surely would appreciate them.

 –don (Soap and Spikes)