CLAP: Have You Reached Yet?: LP

Sep 23, 2011

I hated this record the first time I listened to it. Demo-quality recordings that sound too thin, with inconsistent mixing to say the least. On side one, the low end is almost non-existent and the bass is either too blown out or too trebly. Side two is a little more bearable. The singer is a little whiny, but you get used to it (think King Tuff.) On second listening, I was less angered and let myself get into the songs. Many of the leads are discordant and the first song is completely out of tune. The packaging is nice, heavy stock, with detailed, knowledgeable liner notes by Phast Phreddie Patterson (of Back Door Man Magazine).According to Patterson, the original record goes for internet silly prices ranging between a few hundred dollars and $1700. I appreciate the influences more instead of thinking Clap is straight ripping songs off, although the chorus of “Have You Reached Yet” sounds like The Chocolate Watchband’s “Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love-In)?” “Sweet Smell of Success” and “Stop Torturing Me” are mid-paced Stones-y rockers. “My Imagination” might be the best of the bunch.

 –Sal Lucci (Sing Sing,