May 21, 2003

One gets the feeling that both of these bands listened to a.) a lot of Charles Bronson or b.) a lot of Spazz . Clancy 6: Yell-core, slaphappy with blast beats, tackling the surgical removal of limbs and the Journal of Modern Medicine, from a “we’re all diseased” perspective. Vincent Price’s Orphan Powered Death Machine is the more inspired of the two. Their vocalists sound like a Mechanized Tweety Bird of Doom getting chased down by the Cookie Monster Vacuum of Death. In perfect Bronsonian form, they have neat and long song titles. I just wish that the title “Dude, You Like ‘Stangs? You Must Have Gasoline in Your Veins” had something to do with the song, as I’d like to hear it. Instead, it’s power-art-violence – i.e. “tongues… licked black milk from luna’s dairy eyes” while bombs go off and musical throats get slit. All in all, both bands know the form well, play fine, but bring very little new to an already very full table.

 –todd (McCarthyism)

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