CJ RAMONE: Understand Me?: 7” EP

May 07, 2015

With all original Ramones dead, CJ has successfully carried The Ramones’ sound steadily, and vividly, through Side A. The sound coming through to me is pop perfection, crisp, raw, and only brings feelings of nostalgia; intense, true, and pure happiness washes over me. I can’t help but play this over and over again, wishing it would never end. Side B is Black Flag’s infamous Rise Above, originally written by Greg Ginn, sung by both CJ and former Black Flag member, Dez Cadena. One of the absolute best, if not the best, covers of any Black Flag song I’ve ever heard (though I’m sure having a former member helps). This is an absolutely perfect 7” and stays true to the Ramones’ name. 

 –Genevieve Armstrong (Fat Wreck Chords, fatwreck.com, [email protected])

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