CJ RAMONE: Last Chance to Dance: LP

On the plus side of non-Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee CJ Ramone’s new album, he manages to sound reasonably Ramone-y ((i’m thinkin’ Animal Boy and maybe the good tracks off of Halfway to Sanity, that era)) without sounding like a complete stylistic slave to his former masters, adds some cool harmonies, delves into the occasional straight-up punked-out Buddy Holly four-chord bopper like you wish the Ramones would have done more often over the last ten or fifteen years of their careers ((“One More Chance”)), and delivers a decent Alice Cooper cover ((“Long Way to Go”)). On the minus side, one’d like to think that, were the Ramones still a going concern, Joey would have found some way to filter some of the blatant bozo fuck-and-chuck aspects out of a song like “Pit Stop” ((then again, Joey was the guy who wrote “Go Home Ann,” so what the fuck do I know)), and, if I wanted to listen to music made by right-leaning ex-servicemen who like guns and think Obama is a “disgrace to God and country,” i’d go down to the fucking plant and give my co-workers a bunch of guitars. Kind of a wash, all told. BEST SONG: “One More Chance.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Last Chance to Dance.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Steve Soto of Agent Orange/Adolescent fame is on guitar, and Tony Cadena sings the Alice Cooper cover. 

 –norb (Fat)