CJ RAMONE: Last Chance to Dance: CD

Mar 18, 2015

Upon first seeing this fall out of the bag of media mail, I was a bit fearful that this might be little more than useless Ramones-esque dreck, rehashing that sound for the sake of audience appeal and/or lack of identity beyond an erstwhile association with such a legendary outfit. Much to my surprise and delight, however, this is much more pop punk than I would have thought—straightforward and no-nonsense as one would expect from a bass dude of the Ramones—but with a lot more hooks and complexity than I expected. Mr. C.J. has created a good, solid punk rock record. Had I not known who it was, I would have guessed only at a Ramones influence rather than a pedigree. Hats off! 

 –Eric Carlson (Fat)

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