Jan 12, 2010

Let me quote myself: “What is it about Florida—or the South in general—that creates such dirge? There seems to be a dirty, swampy edge bands get from down that way. This two-piece guitar and drum combo, out of Jacksonville, Florida lays down some down-tuned aggression. Reminds me of the band Black Cobra with their Sabbath-ish, stoney riffs but with the punk energy of HolyMountain. Brooding, yet with a solid punch of energy at times to keep it interesting. The recording has a live feel to it. Would like to hear what comes out when they go all-out in the studio. Cool use of a used Blockbuster Video DVD case. They recycle!”That was my review of their CD-R that I reviewed before. Funny thing is that it’s still on my desk next to my computer. Comparing the two, it seems like the same recording but remastered for vinyl. This new version is much brighter and clearly gives it even more of the live feel I earlier referenced. Things that sounded muffled before come to clarity. They still like to recycle, too! Silkscreened cover reusing the inside of another band’s cover. (Mine being Gaslight Anthem.) Also nice purple swirly vinyl for all you record nerds.

 –don (Dead Tank)