Mar 01, 2011

Civil Victim are from Germany but sound influenced by American hardcore with some Scandinavian stuff to put some weight to their punch. I hear some Poison Idea in here, but it’s not some by-the-numbers type shit. Their music is beefy hardcore punk that has catchy and tuneful elements side by side with a dark and gritty edge. Songs like “Sorry for Being Broke,” “Personal Riot,” and “Workmares” blaze by in a white-knuckled flash, then you get a song like “Room Full of Christians” that switches back and forth between mid tempo and full on thrash. The vocalist has a shredded throat style; at times he sounds like Dez Cadena. Check out the title track, where his voice has a little more space instead of being buried under a roaring guitar. “Where’s the Healing?” is my favorite of the twelve songs on here. Starts off with a hellish bang then attacks religion (a target always deserving of ire). The song has a little more noise going on and may be a little darker. Another primo record from Loud Punk.

 –M.Avrg (Loud Punk,