May 27, 2011

Oh my. This might be the single worst thing I’ve ever gotten in my review package. (And that’s saying something—there are months that I’m pretty sure Todd’s just using me to review all the crap no one else will touch…) I guess I can put it like this: You ever had a friend that’s really good at their chosen instrument? They practice all day, and they know all kinds of stuff about music theory. Yet, when they’re in a band, it just comes out sounding like some sort of no soul, overly-complicated prog rock/funk/metal amalgamation of the worst shit that Primus and the Red Hot Chili Peppers never even dreamed of barfing on you. I do have a friend like that. I’ve had to suffer through his music for years and find nice things to say about it because I don’t want to cause trouble. Guess what? City Weezle are some French dudes I’ve never met, so I can say exactly what I want to say: THIS SUCKS. Avoid like the plague.

 –Ryan Horky (

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