CITY SAINTS: Spitting Blood: 7"

Nov 13, 2013

This is straightforward rock’n’roll played street style by these bootboys from Gothenburg, Sweden. The record has plenty of references, lyrically and visually, to all of those characteristics. Featuring ex-members of Perkele and Chillihounds, there is an outright skinhead vibe going on with these dudes. They look like the sort of lot you want to be welcomed to drink beer with as opposed to getting one cracked over the head by. The first side is the title track to the 7”. It’s by-the-numbers street rock complete with harmonicas and backing vocals. The second side opens with “Flame of Fire,” starting with some very loud and proud lyrics. Common oi subjects from boots and braces, to kicking ass for the working class. It’s by far my favorite song on the record. The last song left me a little bit let down, but, overall, this a great record.

 –Adam Mullett (Spirit Of The Streets, [email protected])