CITIZEN FISH/LEFTOVER CRACK: Baby Punchers/Meltdown: Split 7”

Feb 15, 2007

Who still listens to ska-punk anyway? Ha, ha just because I stopped caring in the late ‘90s doesn’t mean that it’s not still a relevant, legitimate form of punk rock expression. Besides, who can trash-talk the unassailable pedigree of a band like Citizen Fish? Or the endlessly funny song title of Leftover Crack’s “Baby Punchers”? Yes, ska-punk is alive and well and will continue to be in 2007 when Fat Wreck Chords releases the full-length split that this 7” is just a taste of. Until then, just pop this little disc on and get ready to skank or froog or whatever it is you ska-punk heads do these days.

 –susan (Fat)