Sep 18, 2009

You see all the new generation punk kids with their Subhumans patches on their sweat jackets? I guess all the new kids have to show off their punk points by what patches they have. What in the hell happened to people drawing on their leather jackets? There is so much new music that comes out all the time to over focus on the past. Why not support 3/4 of the Subhumans and enjoy something new? Dick and company tour relentlessly and continue to record for the masses. By luck, the mass media hype of ska has died down to those who actually perform the genre with originality and excitement. As is their formula, they play a blend of punk ska that is unmatched. For some reason, I got the same excitement that I got when I got the Culture Shock (same band, different guitarist) demo. It is refreshing and fun while still having their trademark intelligent lyrics. If you haven't heard them before, where in the fuck have you been? I personally have eight different releases that they have produced, not counting this release, and I think I'm missing some. Great songs and great music as a whole make for a great release. I shouldn't have to explain this for anyone with any knowledge of this band. I personally like this. I'm also really happy that they have licensed this release to Honest Don's instead of Lookout.

 –don (Honest Don's)