Mar 03, 2011

Citizen Fish bassist Jasper has been videotaping the band over the past ten years and he’s finally edited all of his tape into one cohesive movie, Gaffer Tape.  Gaffer Tape is a pretty good insight into the day to day life of a touring band, and what makes it a little cooler than most movies of this type is the fact that an outside director didn’t film it, so you don’t have any kind of editorial angles to it or any sensational or dramatic band shots.  Instead, it is what it is: funny when the band is funny, dirty, smelly, lots of punk rock, lots of scenery (from the Arizona desert to snowy northern France to Stonehenge), flat tires, tired roadies, hanging out, and having fun.  The movie starts off with Citizen Fish’s tour of the US in 1999, filming several live performances by Citizen Fish as well as a bunch of opening bands (of varying quality), and also a lot of travelling throughout America footage.  The second part of the movie documents the tour that Citizen Fish took through France and England after returning from the US.  The last part of the movie covers a ‘96 Citizen Fish tour of Australia and New Zealand, then shows a lot of flashbacks of the bands history, early fliers, a music video shoot, and lead singer Dick losing himself over some bad-grammer rage.  The whole tape is rich with live footage and rich with real footage of the band playing empty shows in Yugoslavia and packed shows in Australia and hanging out in the back of the van reading and getting drunk and having a punk rock picnic.  It’s a really cool video.  Highly recommended. -Sean Carswell ($12 ppd. to Karoline, PO Box 20073, Oakland, CA 94620-0073)