Jun 27, 2007

Ciril: I don’t think people get them. Me included, sometimes. The last record creeps up on you and gets you interested. This is a band you have to listen to more than a couple of times to appreciate what they are doing. Seeing them live a few times has made me a convert. Taking elements of death rock and the fuck you attitude of punk, they push the boundaries of the genre. They’re interesting with a healthy dose of snottiness that, at least to me, gives a spark to bring up the interest level. Often, the Rudimentary Peni comparison is thrown at them. They do a mongoloid cover of “Rotten to the Core” and jump into their own original that is a noisecore middle finger in the air. Here is another band that will have more fans music in the future than in the present. It will take people that long to realize what is actually going on. The Vaginals: First thing I thought of is that this band reminds me of Snap-Her. It’s more of straight-up punk that is more UK punk via ‘79 than modern. I have to see them live a few times to see if I’m missing something.

 –don (Despotic)

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