CIRIL: Huntington Cliffs: 7" EP

Jan 29, 2009

This starts out mighty fruity, much like the Pennywise piano solo that Jack Grisham did at the end of Full Circle, but I won't complain, due to the fact that both were dedicated to people who committed suicide. There are a lot of familiar Southern California touchstones in Ciril – hints and wisps, not outright thievery. I hear guitar snatches of Shattered Faith (desperate and trebly), Agent Orange (the surfy undertones in "The Grip"), and the youthful damn-it-all-ness of the Adolescents over breaths of Hammond organ. I can totally appreciate it. They're definitely trying to expand a long-revered and emulated sound, but perhaps since they're all longer songs that tend to drag a little in the middle, I don't find myself flat-out floored or totally enthralled. It's definitely fine music, but it's missing a certain cohesion or tightness (musically, not instrumentally) from making me shit myself. Worth watching out for in the future, though.


 –todd (Headline)