CIRIL: 12 Tales: LP

Mar 22, 2007

I have to admit that I have seen this band a couple of times and I had a hard time paying attention. Their sets tended to be a little long for my liking. Not knowing any of their material didn’t help matters. A studio recording is a different matter entirely. The intro, I’m guessing, sung by the infamous Gitane Demone, is probably the best track to this man’s ears. It reminded me of a death rock mixture of 45 Grave and the Super Heroines. The remainder of the tracks were more in the vein of early Rudimentary Peni, mixed with the entire We Got Power series of comps that were released on Mystic and a dash of the first Nihilistics LP. A major plus is that these songs are short and not overdrawn. I enjoyed it from the moment I dropped the needle until it ended. Another release that I received this time around that is a one-sided release with the added bonus of being on splattered purple vinyl.

 –don (Know)